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29-05-03: Paul McGrath, Leedsi: The UK Vegetarian Society was founded in 1847.
14-03-03: From Worth iti: I have been told that the practice of painting finger nails originated in the harem of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Concubines would paint their nails red to indicate to the sultan when they were having their periods, thus sparing him any embarrassment.
03-01-03: From Ashley and Desi: A pig can have an orgasm up to 30 minutes long. If only I could verify that fact.
24-10-02: There's a new Pringles flavor !! It's Curry, accompanied with a foreign design.
04-07-02: The country that hosts the largest pyramid is not Egypt, but Guatemala.
From Stefano - Florence, Italy: The origin of cosmic rays, the most energetic source in the universe, is still unknown!
23-04-01: The word "Castle" is Latin for small fortified place.
From Dark`Elf: If you eat a whole chockolate easter egg, your stomach will hurt
29-03-01: The Netherlands is now the first country in the world to allow gay marriages. 2 years ago it already allowed official gay partnership.
26-03-01: India has 1 billion inhabitants now. Over the year 2000, they had 181 million newborns. They're the second country to cross the 1 billion mark.
From Mr. T.: On this day in 1968, Mauritius became independent.
From CaNaBiS: No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver or purple.
24-02-01: The Grammy Awards 2001 winners are announced. But did you know it's actually just named for the popular metric units of mass ? That simple eh.
From Gunhappy: Rintje Ritsma is the new World Champion speedskating of 2001. Oooh, shudduuup !!!
11-02-01: From QBix: The douma has accepted a law which prohibits commercials during educational programs. The way it should be.
From Mr. T.: Rintje Ritsma will be the new world champion speedskating of 2001. I asked for facts of the day, not facts of the future.
From Gunhappy: Queen's Day is not on April 31, but on April 30. Thank you very much. If you say so Gunz.
From QBix: Maxima was being spotted and it was allowed by the other royalty. I have no idea whud ya talking about, but hey, what the heck ?
From Mr. T.: On this day the queen of Holland celebrates her birthday. Even though Queen's Day is on 31 April. Oh, and Queen Beatrix is 63 now.
From Gunhappy: Kimputer hates one of Holland most popular young bands, Krezip. Only because I'm lacking in keeping this page up-to-date do you get to have this one Gunz.
17-01-01: On this day in 1910: Thomas Crapper inventor (flush toilet), dies.
04-01-01: On this day in 1912: Smallest earth-moon distance last century, 356,375 km center-to-center
From Gunhappy: My previous Fact of the Day wasn't a lie. Yes it was !
From Gunhappy: The Steenwijker Toren in Steenwijk is one of Holland's tallest buildingz! Probably a flat out lie, but hey, if that makes you happy, Gunz.
17-12-00: The Gateway Arch is the tallest monument in the US , located in St. Louis, Missouri and standing 630 feet tall.
07-12-00: Muhammed Ali was the first boxer to hold the world heavyweight championship three times
27-11-00: Ethiopia is the source of the Blue Nile.
24-11-00: The Netherlands is the first to have a law for euthanasia. When acted accordingly and very carefully, a physician cannot be sued.
From Gunhappy: In some countries, a Fact Of The Day section is updated daily. Hahaha, now THAT's a funny fact !
19-11-00: Dolly Parton, the well-endowed singer and a favorite of truckers, has her own CB (Citizen's Band) frequency. Her "handle" was "Booby Trap".
09-11-00: The Disney character "Goofy" was originally known by the name Dippy Dog. Eeh ?
04-11-00: "Science Fiction" became an established literary genre 50 years after The Time Machine was written.
From T_Bombadil: "Wouldn't it be cool to have a great big voodoo earthglobe..You could spin it round and freak everybody out!" Sounds reasonably enough alright.
17-10-00: The Encyclopedia Britannica is illegal to order, purchase, or otherwise posess in the state of Texas, due to the fact that it has a recipe for home brewed beer.
Yummi {:)
16-10-00: In 1928 Morris Frank had the first guide dog for the blind.  It was a German Shepherd named Buddy.
11-10-00: Every day, there are about 10 billion e-mails being sent around the world. This will continue to grow to an estimated 35 billion per day in 2005.
If only I could earn a penny for every one of those.
10-10-00: The longest reported interval between the birth of twins is 92 days.
Doesn't that make them NOT twins ?
30-09-00:Life insurance was initiated by the Collegium Tenulorum in Rome c.50BC. The heirs to the deceased collected triple the amount of the joining fee.
29-09-00: Of the four artists and/or sculptors who share their names with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Donatello is the one who's not from the same time period as the others.
23-09-00: The first use of a sitcom laugh track was introduced in 1950 on the Hank McCune Show.
Probably, the show wasn't funny enough by itself.
18-09-00: The term "Mafia" is actually an acronym for 'morte alla francia italia anela'.
14-09-00: Olympics are starting again in Australia, so here's the fact: The Five Olympic Rings made their first appearance on the poster for the 1928 Winter Olympics.
From _____Zak: It isn`t a good idea to overclock Celeron 333 Mhz to 550 Mhz ( My friends experience ) :))) That's besides the fact overclocking isn't that smart at all.
07-09-00: Issac Van Amburgh, a circus headliner in the late 1830s was the first animal trainer to put his head in a lion's mouth.
(That's not to say we should forget the previous unsuccesful poor guys who got their heads bitten of trying it)
01-09-00: From Ben Tims: "kangaroo" spelled backwards is "ooragnak" which sounds Klingon. (fact or just a lazy assumption?)
25-08-00: The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as substitute for blood plasma.
(this fact has been used by and shown in some movies)
22-08-00: There are approximately 320,000 icebergs in the world.
18-08-00: A single grain of sand is 1500 timeslarger than a grain of clay.
15-08-00: The science of "kissing" is philematology.

13-08-00: A "nit" is a unit of brightness equal to one candela per square meter.  It is used to measure luminance.
08-08-00: In the United Kingdom, it's illegal to have sex with more than 2 persons.
Indeed, if setting boundaries, why not set it at two. It's a nice number.
From Freek: A giant underground fungus measuring 8.8 square kilometres has been discovered in the state of Oregon, USA. It is the biggest known living organism. Who's hungry ? I feel like some nice pasta el fungi
06-08-00: That visible cloud like streak left behind by jet airplanes is called a contrail.  It is derived from the combination of the words 'condensation' and 'trail'.
27-07-00: Contact lenses were devised in 1887 by A.E. Fick (Ger) but did not appear commercially until the late 1930's.
24-07-00: In one square inch (6.5 cm^2) of skin there are four yards (3.7 m) of nerve fibers, 1300 nerve cells, 100 sweat glands, 3 million cells, and 3 yards (2.7 m) of blood vessels.

19-07-00: Squirrels can fall up to 100 feet without hurting themselves. They'll use their tail both for balance and as a parachute.  The hibernating arctic ground squirrel is the only warm-blooded mammal able to withstand body temperatures below freezing.
09-07-00: A yoctosecond is the smallest unit of time -- equivalent to 0.000000000000000000000001 second (that's with 23 zeroes)!
05-07-00: The heaviest newspaper was the Sunday edition of the 'New York Times' for September 14, 1987, containing 1,612 pages and weighed 12 lb (5.4 kg)!
(wohoww, do I feel sorry for the paperboy. They must've earned tons for doing so much overtime
25-06-00: A pony is a horse that measures 14.2 hands or less in height.  A hand is four inches (10.2 cm). So next time, don't just say it's a pony because it looks small, measure it first.
22-06-00: Every 10 seconds, one person in this world dies of a disease related to smoking.
Trust me, if you're smoking, your next pretty soon. 10...9...8...etc {:)
15-06-00: On this day in 1844, Charles Goodyear, in New York City, patented vulcanised rubber. He died in poverty.
If only there were more cars then.
06-06-00: The average medium size piano has about 230 strings. Each string having about 165 pounds (74.84kg) of tension, with the combined pull of all strings equaling approximately eighteen tons.
01-06-00: The red bumps on a turkey's head are called caruncles.
24-05-00: The phrase "United States of America" appears fourteen (14) times on a Twenty Dollar Bill!
19-05-00: The world's first paper money was introduced in China during the ninth century.  It was introduced due to a scarcity of the copper used for coins.

16-05-00: Math and alcohol do not mix, so don't drink and derive!
By the time you're about 70, you've lost about 50% of your taste buds.
Bird species outnumber mammals by two to one.
02-05-00: The border between Canada and the US is the world's longest frontier, stretching an incredible 3,987 miles (6,416 km).
01-05-00: From Newgarden: The bus from Weert to Venlo leaves every hour. How useful, let's have more of those. NOT ! {:)
28-04-00: The average adult's spinal cord is from 17 to 18 inches long.  Its weight, minus membranes and nerves, is about 1 and 1/2 ounces
25-04-00: A funambulist is a tightrope walker.

22-04-00: The dot over the "i" and a "j" is called a tittle.
20-04-00: The maximum life span of a goldfish in captivity is 25 years!
(Makes you wonder why yours always die within a month eh ?)
15-04-00: Lightning travels at about 90,000 miles a second. Almost half the speed of light! (186,000 miles per second!).
That should give you just enough time to dive away if you see one coming your way.
12-04-00: An Iophobic has an extreme fear of poison.
08-04-00: Dom Perignon invented champagne on August 4, 1693.
(Who says he wasn't drunk a few days before he finally figured out what he invented ?)
06-04-00: In the US, ever since the first litigation against the tabacco companies (somewhere back in '95/'96), already about 236 billion (!!!) dollars have been rewarded for the "victims".
05-04-00: Irian Jaya has the biggest gold reserve of any mine in the world.
(Guess where I'm headin' for for my next vacation ?)
02-04-00: Teratology is the study of ..... monsters.... BOOOH!
31-03-00: The Aboriginies break the year into 6 seasons.
(Holland only has one, being, the wet windy stormy rainy kinda season.)
28-03-00: "Bifocal" lenses for eyeglasses were invented by Benjamin Franklin.
26-03-00: Gerardus Mercator is the inventor of the most common projection for world maps.
22-03-00: A tuna fish can swim a hundred miles in one day.
(That means, if you're hungry, and your fishing for tuna with your bare hands, you're problably gonna stay hungry)
21-03-00: If procrastinators had a club, would they ever have a meeting!
19-03-00: The only species of bird with a penis is the swan.
(though I never checked it out myself)
15-03-00: A terrapin is a type of turtle.
11-03-00: The name given to the hobby of collecting teddy bears is Arctophily.
07-03-00: The only U.S. State that does not have its legal system based on English Common Law is Louisana.
02-03-00: Vulpicide is the killing of a fox.
29-02-00: Maybe a bit obvious, but the fact of the day today is, that this year is a leap year. So, even if your ol' computer passed Y2K, it may not pass this day after all.
27-02-00: Queen Victoria's picture was on the world's first stamp.
22-02-00: Kymophobia is the fear of waves.
19-02-00: This tiny little country I'm living in (Holland, tiny Holland) already has 7 million GSM portable cellular mobile phone (etc etc) users already, with 11 million expected in 2 years.
17-02-00: 150 Knights could be seated around King Arthur's Round Table.
14-02-00: King Henry VI banned kissing in England in 1439. Reason: He thought it spread disease.
13-02-00: Dolphins don't cry, they whistle, with every single dolphin having another tone while weeping.
08-02-00: Dolphins and humans are do only mammals who only do sex for pleasure.
06-02-00: "Hydrogen solid" is the most dense substance in the world.
03-02-00: In 1954 Mrs. P. Ride, mother of 5, patented sliced bread.
01-02-00: The world's most preferred ice cream flavor is chocolate.
26-01-00: Tequila is alcohol is made from the root of the blue agave cactus.
24-01-00: The world's smallest mammal lives in Thailand and weighs less than a penny. Its name: bumblebee bat.
23-01-00: The European Space Agency's satellite, Olympus, has been the only satellite destroyed by a meteor.
19-01-00: The only country with the Bible on its flag is the Dominican Republic.
12-01-00: Tasmania is the island that's said to have the cleanest air in the inhabited world.
09-01-00: The last vegetable listed in 'The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary' is zucchini.
02-01-00: According to scholars and scientists, the 3rd millennium begins January 1, 2001, because the sequence of years from B.C. to A.D. does not include a year 0. It went from 2 B.C., 1 B.C., A.D. 1, A.D. 2 and so on. The reason: zero was not part of the numbering system we use today. So, the 1,000th year was A.D. 1000 and the first year of the 2nd millennium was A.D. 1001.
01-01-00: The exact duration of a calendar year is: 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds.
31-12-99: Last sunset: Falealupo, Samoa. It will be the last place on the planet to see the sun set on December 31, 7:02 p.m. First Sunrise (not counting Antartica, because it's not habited, and because the sun shines 24 hours a day this time a year): Kahuitara Point on Pitt Island in the Chatham Islands, a dependency of New Zealand, at 4:49 a.m.
30-12-99: How many days during this millennium? 365,237 days.
29-12-99: In just 5 years, the worldwide use of GSM mobile phones (lead by Nokia and Ericsson), has grown to 175 million users.
28-12-99: This year, about 1.2 billion bottles of champagne are being shipped all around the world for the Millennium celebration (most of which are fake, copycatting expensive brands, so, beware).
26-12-99: Christmas Trees are always evergreen trees, because the evergreen tree is the "tree of life". It stays green all winter, and give us the feeling of hope. In ancient cultures before Christ was born used to bring them into their homes. Some evergreens, can even produce flowers and fruit during the Winter, seemed magical to these people. People in Estonia and Latvia used to dress Christmas trees with artificial roses, then set them on fire. They hoped to encourage an early Spring.
25-12-99: The common abbreviation for Christmas to Xmas is derived from the Greek alaphabet. X is letter Chi, which is the first letter of Christ's name in the Greek alphabet.
23-12-99: Classic TV: In "The Knight Rider", Michael Knight's car was called KITT. The initials stand for "Knight Industries Two Thousand".
19-12-99: The profession of William Semple, the first person to add sugar to chewing gum, was dentist. (eeeew, that's sooooo sick).
17-12-99: Khan, when used in the name Genghis Kahn, means "Leader".
15-12-99: A fly can react to something it sees and change direction in 30 milliseconds.
12-12-99: The most common invention of the 19th century was the washing machine, with at least 1676 different patents.
09-12-99: The tips of fingers and the soles of feet are covered by a thick, tough layer of skin, called stratum corneum.
08-12-99: The "B.B." in the name of blues legend "B.B. King" stands for "Blues Boy".
06-12-99: In the last 37 years, 19 James Bond movies were made, played by 5 actors, where Bond, James Bond had about 62 times sex with about 44 women.
03-12-99: Two books in the Old Testament list the Ten Commandments. Exodus is one, Deuteronomy is the other.
01-12-99: 6 % of all male wear nail-varnish ??? You know, the stuff that *females* are supposed use ?
27-11-99: The story of Tarzan has been filmed 47 times already (live-action).
25-11-99: The average male sneeze has a speed of 321.8 km/h.
22-11-99: The longest word in the English language with all the letters in alphabetical order, and no letters repeating, is "almost".
19-11-99: The most interesting name made up for PC technology (data transfer (usually pictures) from hardware to hardware) is calles TWAIN. It stands for Technology Without Any Interesting Name.
18-11-99: The strength of early lasers was measured in Gillettes, named due to the number of blue razor blades a given beam could puncture.
17-11-99: Many countries are ruled by nuts, but Grenada is the only one to display a "nut" on its flag.
15-11-99: Japan is the world's leading importer of iron ore.
13-11-99: Out of 20 babies, on average, only one will be born on the day predicted by the doctor.
11-11-99: America's favorite pizza topping, according to polls, is pepperoni.
09-11-99: The longest word in the Bible is 'Mahershalalhashbaz' and can be found in the part of "Isaiah" .
07-11-99: The letter "O" when used as a prefix in Irish surnames means "descendant of".
04-11-99: Almost half of the pigs in the world are kept by farmers in China.
03-11-99: The first full-length color movie is "Becky Sharp".
02-11-99: The world's largest predatory fish is the Great White Shark.
01-11-99: The Australian 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills are made out of plastic.
31-10-99: The Eiffel Tower is about 984 feet (295 meters) long.
30-10-99: The side of a hammer's head is called the cheek.
29-10-99: A star, before it begins Hydrogen fusion in its core, is called a protostar.
28-10-99: A more common name for the anterior thyroid cartilage of the larynx is Adam's Apple.
25-10-99: I semi-killed a Furby today. Furbies are fragile (and annoying).
24-10-99: Right now, every 3 seconds there's a Furby (talking Gremlin-like, Tamagotchi behaving, furry thing) sold.
22-10-99: Early to rise and early to bed, makes a man healthy, but socially dead.
19-10-99: Pumice is volcanic rock, filled with air bubbles, that is so light it can float on water.
15-10-99: The instrument used by navigators and surveyors to measure the angular distance between two objects is the sextant.
14-10-99: On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.
(That's very sad, but still pathetic, ain't it ?).
12-10-99: Today, Earth has inhabitants. (Though this 6 billion mark had been crossed a few months ago, this one can be considered as a symbolic number according to the United Nations Populations Fund, as the first baby born in Sarajevo after midnight was honored with this number.)
11-10-99: Supernerd Bill Gates of Micro$oft made about $4.5 million dollars per hour last year. That's just about 16.2 million times more than what I make.
08-10-99: Regardless of the direction it is travelling, a comet's tail always points away from the sun.
07-10-99: A group of bears is called a sleuth.
05-10-99: Palau was the last country to join the United Nations in 1994.
04-10-99: A mosquito has 47 teeth.
03-10-99: The world's largest MacDonald's is in Moscow.
02-10-99: Argentina eats the most meat - an average of 10 ounces per person per day.
01-10-99: Income, with property, was taxed for the first time in England in 1642.
30-09-99: The famous mountain K2 is located in India.
29-09-99: Walt Disney has recieved the most Oscars at 35 trophies.
28-09-99: The blue whale may possibly produce the loudest sound of any living animal at an amazing 188 decibels.
27-09-99: A skunk's smell can be detected by a human from as far as 1 mile.
26-09-99: A pugilist is a boxer.
(Why say it the easy way if you say it the hard way ?)
25-09-99: If you are locked in a completely sealed room, you will die of carbon dioxide poisoning before you will die of oxygen deprivation.
24-09-99: Hydrogen and Helium make up the majority of elements in the solar system.
23-09-99: A drachma is an ancient Greek coin.
22-09-99: A group of bears is called a sleuth.
20-09-99: The longest river in Japan is the Shinano.
19-09-99: A baby eel is called an elver.
18-09-99: The better known name of Mrs. Francesco di Bartolommeo di Zanobi del Giocondo is Mona Lisa.
16-09-99: The bloodhound is the only animal whose evidence is admissible in an American court.
15-09-99: The most shoplifted book the United States is, tadaaaaaaaa, the Bible. Go figure.
14-09-99: The Declaration of Independence was written on paper, made of hemp.
13-09-99: You can sail all the way around the world on 60 latitudinal degrees south.
12-09-99: A toilet was first shown in the States in the show "Leave it to Beaver".
11-09-99: The general direction that the journey in Around the World in 80 Days proceeded in was West.
10-09-99: Sigmund Freud had a morbid fear of ferns.
09-09-99: The 3 largest countries in the world in order are Russia, Canada and China.
08-09-99: A Rhinologist specializes in the human nose.
07-09-99: The Sumatran Tiger is the species of tiger with the most stripes.
06-09-99: In the coastal provinces of Canada it is illegal to shoot a whale from a moving automobile. (Hmmm, silly law, to shoot better, they'd stop the car first anyway. Or what about a renting a boat ?)
05-09-99: The first supermarket in the world was in France.
04-09-99: At $115.00 a pound, the most expensive beverage in the world is Kopi Lewak coffee. The beans used to brew this wonderous coffee is found in rodent droppings. Aaah, how delightful.
03-09-99: Commercial airline tires are filled with nitrogen.
02-09-99: It takes 43 muscles to make a frown.
01-09-99: The Nile, the Amazon and the Mississippi are the longest rivers, in that order.
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