Why'd ya visit this place anyway ? I'm not that interesting. I also didn't mention any names in the earlier version of my homepage, how'd ya know for sure it was actually mine ?

Well, let me introduce myself properly then.

Personal Profile :

Name: Ka Nam Ung, go here for more about my name

Born: 07-08-1976, Rotterdam, Holland, The Netherlands, Europe, Earth, Milky Way, Galaxy, Universe

Nationality: Dutch

Height: 1.70/1.72. Not sure, also depends if I'm wearing my Nike Air

Weight: Don't know, and I wouldn't care less. I have a fast digestive system, so you get the idea

Shoe size: 40.5 (Europe size), 6.5 (US size), 7.5 (UK), any one feel left out ?

Current Status: Nothing happening. Single.

Occupation: Damn lazy student (Computer Science at the Technical University of Delft), on Saturdays, a part-time job in a store called HEMA. Currently dropping out of school, and full-time sales/tech. job at Tainic Technology.

Siblings: all older than me, before me came, Ka Wah (bro), Yen Ping (sis), Chi Sen (sis)

Other close family: Cheyenne (niece), and her father Ronald (both on Chi Sen's side, doh)

Favorite food: Fast food. Because it's well uhmmm so fast. Also, everything instant, like instant soup, noodles or pasta. Also, everything with chicken. If necessary, I'd go hunting myself, and eat it uncooked.(Exaggeration ? I DON'T THINK SO !)

Absolutely NOT favorite food: Don't ever knock on my door with fish or any other seafood. Coz I'll be knocking on you then, pretty hard.

So, what goes on on a normal average trivial day ?

Wanna know my most precious stuff (materialistic speaking, of course, I'm a materialistic guy, what ya expect) ?

How to reach me (in order of success):

E-mail: kung@xs4all.nl

IRC: nickname Kimputer on #Kimputer and #startrek. Mostly on Undernet and IRCnet, and less on DALnet.

ICQ: UIN 5612401 or search on my uniqueness (e-mail addy or first name).

other: I don't answer the phone, I don't read snail-mail, and in real life, I won't even greet you. I only accept bits and bytes y'know.

My cellular/GSM/mobile: +31623865776 or local use 0623865776, but really, I can't believe ANYBODY could be so stupid and moronic to actually spend a fortune just to call me. But feel free to prove me wrong. Also, SMS messages are sometimes free online, but usually it takes quite a while before it reaches its destination. SMS me for free, click here.