This is just a log file where I put my opinion on. Also, it will give a an idea of how slow movies are released here.

Also, dates mentioned here are day-month-year. Some people, Americans pops to my mind, like to do it month-day-year. Why, God, why ? First the small then the big, or the other way around. You don't say it's 12:34:05 with the meaning of hours:seconds:minutes ? Do you ? I rest my case.

Grades are from 1 to 10. 10 is hard to get, and I probably won't ever go below a 5 either. Above a 8 is a must-see. 8 to 7 depends on your interest. 7 or lower, probably wouldn't be wise to go see it. For a more overall view, Green stands for must-see, no matter what, Yellow is a maybe if you like some aspects of the film, and Red is definitely avoid seeing.

You can also submit your own review (which may or may not appear right here on this page). It doesn't really matter if the movies has been reviewed already or not. Use the same format as I do (Movie: review.grade.) AND NO SPOILERS ! (just had a "Ben Tims: 20-7-99: Cruel Intentions: Great movie.8." review, though it's supposed to be non spoiler, it DOESN'T mean keep it empty or short. Next time, more than 3 words, and a bit more insight, thanx). Send movies that are playing here in Holland, otherwise, I'll save the review till it opens here.

New are the downloaded movie reviews. Along with it will be the status of the movie (pending, saved or deleted), and the quality and format of the movie, so if you want a movie, gimme a yell. It will also state if the movie is earlier or later than the Dutch release.

Also, take a look at my DVD page (with the ones I have, and wanted list).

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