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  1. Q: If this is not a question, can it be answered ?

  2. Q: Why do I think you'd even bother reading all this ?

  3. Q: If you prepare sausages with a Viagra dressing and barbecue it, will they really end up bigger than before ?

  4. You know, I really like getting compliments. To show you how much, here's an excerpt of an usual IRC-session.
    <me> Heya, howz ?
    <other person> I'm fine, thanx, you know, I really wanted to tell you that your homepage is absolutely marvelous
    <me> Hmm ?
    <other person> I said, your homepage is great
    <me> Sorry, I was lagging, what were you saying ?
    <other person> Your homepage, it's hilarious, the best I've ever seen
    <me> No ? Really ?
    <other person> Yes, really, it's so totally IT. I luv it.
    <me> You're not lying, are you ?
    <other person> No I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
    Q: Is this morally right what I'm doing ? Should I feel ashamed ?

  5. I was just under the shower, holding a bottle of "Head & Shoulders", washing my hair. The "Head" part I get. But the "Shoulders" part beats the hell outta me. I know people like to compare me with a chimp (many times with success, I might add. And much to my annoyance, I might add too), but I DO NOT have hair on my shoulders.
    Q: Explain me the "Shoulders" part, if you can ?

    A: By Gunhappy on 05-02-2001: Geez... When you wash the shampoo out of your hair, it tends to end up on your shoulders.
    I don't understand. Could you elaborate that ? It's all about gravity.
    I don't understand. Could you elaborate that ? Yes, I can.

    Sounds alright to me, way to go, Gunz !
  6. Okay, here's a brain teaser. It can be told long, but I'll keep it short (you can feel insulted now, but I'm trying to keep this page appealing to even the ones with extremely short attention span). Here goes: 1 man sells apples at 3 for a dollar. Another guy sells them for 2 a dollar. Now, God knows why, but these two guys wanna go out fishing together. And in comes the third guy, who's nice enough to continue the business for the two (Again, God knows why these two guys would trust this man). Both leave him with 30 apples (so, totalling 60 apples). The third man doesn't like math so much, but he knows how to sell apples. So, logic says, 5 apples for 2 dollar (3 for 1 dollar plus 2 for 1 dollar makes 5 for 2 dollars). Selling all the apples, he gets a total of 24 dollars. The next day, the two guys want to collect the money. Number 1 asks for his 10 bucks. Number 2 asks for his 15 bucks. But Mister 3 only has 24 bucks. Oops ?
    Q: Did Mister 3 stole one dollar or something ? If not, where did that one dollar go ?

  7. Some brainteasers I want you to do, so I can collect the results and make a report. Just for my pleasure. Just click here will ya ? What ya waiting for ? If you clicked on the "Just click here will ya ?" just a few seconds ago, you wouldn't still hang around here, would ya ? So, why are you still here ? Just click here will ya ? How many times do I have to repeat myself before you click on "Just click here will ya ?" ? Boy, you're tough. Just click here will ya ? Last time. I give up. Don't click here.

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