SMS Me !

Even though I'm online 99% of my life, you can't reach me 1% of the time !!!!
So, now you can do that for free, courtesy of (become a member too!)
You can make your message as long as possible (will be divided in 128 characters per sms), but try to keep it under 1280 characters (= 10 SMS's) ?
And please, insert your identity somewhere in the message, otherwise I don't know who's sending me those sms's. (Well, I do, but I like to pretend I don't. And sometime, very very sometimes, my psychic abilities let me down).

Update: Quios isn't as generous as they're used to be. You probably wouldn't be able to send a free sms to me if I get a lot of those. Try instead. That's also free, and probably more fun.