When, what and why ?

Star Trek began it's journey in 1966, over 30 years ago, coming from the mind of the late Gene Roddenberry. While it seems like Star Trek is all and only Science Fiction, that's not exactly the most important thing about Star Trek. What Gene had in mind, was to show us a future, where people live in peace, co-existing and working with each other. Where we put our petty racial differences aside and go for a higher purpose. Peace instead of greed. Space exploration instead of war.

So, why would it be one of the few shows I would show my kids (again, it's just a F-I-G-U-R-E O-F S-P-E-E-C-H) ?

What Gene created was a hope for a better future. And at the same it sets standards, teaches us values. This alone would make a pretty boring show. Star Trek is absolutely no boring. It's fun, there's a lot of humor (DS9 and VOY can get not just me, a die-hard Trek fan, but also my bro and sis, who are not fans, rolling on the floor laughing out loud). There's drama, suspense, good stories, character development, the best special effects, the best actors, and also the best music one can buy (don't believe me ? Try the "Inner Light" orchestral suite, conducted by Jay Chattaway, performed by the DS9 orchestra, or go to the Request page).

How'd it go after the first pilot ?

From this point on forward, Star Trek has always been progressive, always striving forward. A few examples:

This is just the tip of the iceberg. For more, I'd suggest you watch it yourself.

One more time all series in a row: